The Black Honors College – the first of its kind in the U.S. – is set to start accepting students in fall 2024 at Sacramento State University (CA). The move is meant to support the California State University’s (CSU) efforts to advance Black student success with the goals of boosting Black graduation rates and improving Black student enrollment and retention. The college will offer high-achieving students of all races, cultures and majors a comprehensive curriculum focusing on the Black and African American experience.

Smaller general education classes and faculty with a record of success serving Black and African American students will be featured, according to a news release.

“The Black Honors College is designed to create a pathway for our Black students at Sacramento State that has never existed, to uplift our scholars, and to help them persist to graduation,” said Boatamo “Ati” Mosupyoe, the college’s dean of students and chief academic officer.

“There will be an intentional focus on authentic mentorship to adjust students to the rigors of college, paid internship opportunities to give students tangible experience, and elite co-curricular education to enhance their overall college experience,” Mosupyoe said.

Sac State enrolls more Black and African American students than any other university in the CSU system, and President Luke Wood said the University should lead the way in ensuring that they succeed in college and beyond. “While we have the highest population of Black students, we are in the bottom quartile for success, and have been for many years,” and the Black Honors College will seek to reverse that trend, he said.

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