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Prepare to Respond, React and Recover

Instill confidence that your campus will be ready should the unthinkable occur.

For the past several years, the threat of an active shooter attacking a campus community has been a reality. While most campus police agencies are trained in active shooter response protocols, campus-wide understanding of the challenges, as well as community responses to an active shooter, is typically lacking. With a lack of understanding comes fear, and with fear there is a likelihood that community members will not react in ways that will protect their lives.

How do you continue to educate, inform, train and keep your campus community aware of active shooter scenarios? How have protocols changed on campus in light of the pandemic and post-pandemic concerns?

Our expert presenter — Tony Callisto, recently retired Senior Vice President for Safety & Chief Law Enforcement Officer for Syracuse University and the principal consultant with Callisto Consulting — will guide you through this critical safety topic and tabletop exercise from planning, materials needed, resources to include, decision matrix to post tabletop evaluation and after-action report.

You’ll gain strategies for planning an effective tabletop exercise that is realistic, timely and relevant to proficiently facilitate and host active shooter tabletop trainings for key constituents from on- and off-campus. Keep fear to a minimum and confidence high should chaos erupt on your campus.

Topics Covered

As a result of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Implement proactive strategies to engage the community on the phases of active shooters on campus – educate the entire campus community on situational awareness, response and reaction protocols and ultimately recovery from an active shooter incident.
  • Develop basic plans for the phases of active shooter tabletop training – from pre-event communication, scenarios development, to post event evaluation – ensure participants are informed, engaged and leave with confidence and response acumen.
  • Plan for an all-hazards approach plan for crisis response that involves advanced planning with local emergency management, police and other first responders - ensure the first time responding leaders from on and off campus meet isn’t during the time of an actual active crisis.
  • Plan and implement thorough and detailed campus active shooter drills and tabletop exercises based on building understanding, resiliency and an ability to act – prepare and train your campus for the worst before it becomes a reality.


Tony Callisto recently retired as the Senior Vice President for Safety & Chief Law Enforcement Officer for Syracuse University, managing law enforcement, security, fire safety, environmental health, emergency management, risk management, regulatory compliance, and parking and transit services. He serves as the principal consultant with Callisto Consulting (
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  • Materials for your team (handouts, discussion questions, etc.)
  • Certificate of completion for each participant
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