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Address ADA Concerns in Light of COVID-19/Pandemic Requirements to Ensure Compliance

As applied learning becomes a core part of most curriculums, remaining ADA compliant has become more challenging for both the institution and practicum locations. One of the biggest challenges will be enforcement of and compliance with vaccine requirements and mask mandates imposed by both colleges and internship/clinical sites. 

Sites must understand and comply with federal ADA rules and regulations. And internship and practicum coordinators as well as students should understand their individual responsibilities when it comes to requesting and complying with ADA accommodations. 

Our legal expert examines the accommodation process from start to finish to create a seamless transition for students with disabilities fulfilling their internship or practicum requirements. He provides strategies for successful compliance for institutions, partners, and students. In addition, he sheds insight into the pandemic impact on in-person versus remote internship experiences and the impact that may have on the accommodation process. 

Meet the diverse educational accommodation needs of your students by partnering with sites to ensure compliance for both online and in-person learning — avoid lawsuits, student complaints and negative ramifications.

Topics Covered

As a result of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Establish clear policies to overcome the challenge of enforcement of and compliance with vaccine requirements and mask mandates ensure your students are following policy expectations for your institution and with their internship/clinical sites.
  • Understand the process to determine reasonable accommodations for your students participating in an internship or practicum experience to adequately meet valid requests – support their academic goals, increase retention, and foster persistence.
  • Proactively identify accommodation needs and clearly communicate with both the student with disabilities and applied learning sites – avoid preventable complications BEFORE students begin their internship or practicum.
  • Support diverse learners in their academic pursuits and skill development – avoid lawsuits, reasonable accommodations confusion and non-compliance complications.
  • Provide an integrated and innovative environment that supports student accommodation needs in specific settings – incorporate strategies for working with partners to ensure compliance, a positive learning experience, and that the educational and accommodation needs of your students are met.


Seth F. Gilbertson is an Associate Counsel for the State University of New York’s Office of University Counsel.
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