ADA & the Current COVID Legal Landscape – On-Demand Training

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Develop, Implement & Enforce Legally Defensible Policies and Procedures

The changing landscape of COVID-19 makes it critical for campuses to continue to evaluate the impact on students and workforces. Federal enforcement agencies have issued a stream of new interpretive guidance during the pandemic that campuses are advised to implement. Institutions are likely to experience tension between different campus stakeholders as they balance competing needs.

James Koebel – Associate General Counsel at the University of North Carolina Wilmington – weaves together different agency guidance and represents the most up-to-date take on the relationship between ADA and COVID-19. He offers practical insight into the observed impacts of the pandemic on ADA accommodation requests and potential pitfalls.

You will leave this webinar armed with the confidence to ensure accommodation policies and ADA practices. You’ll be better prepared to address common (and less common) ADA issues that have arisen as a result of COVID-19.

Topics Covered

You will take away critical, actionable tools that will help you:

  • Understand recent federal agency ADA guidance related to vaccinations, return-to-work, and classroom learning – comprehend your institutional rights and responsibilities and make informed decisions so you can avoid confusion, lawsuits and non-compliance problems.
  • Recognize common requests that should be evaluated using ADA standards – develop, implement, and enforce legally defensible policies and procedures.
  • Identify potential conflicts related to classroom management and business needs that may arise as students, staff and faculty cope with the aftermath of COVID-19 – proactively develop campus-wide uniform solutions for increased transparency and consistency in decisions. 
  • Reinforce existing ADA standards and practices – create and uphold policies and procedures to protect your institution’s mission and ensure a healthy, supportive living/learning community.
  • Improve your campus climate for all community members – create an affirming and supportive environment for all students so that you can engage, retain, and graduate them.


James Koebel, Esq. is Associate General Counsel at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW).
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