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Explore Case Studies to Handle Disturbing & Worrisome Behavior with Effective Response

Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Teams (BAITs) have become a necessary tool for the prevention and management of threatening and hostile situations in the college environment.

BAIT/CARE teams have taken on new purpose and meaning in the wake of the Pandemic. Colleges and Universities are seeing more and more students coming to campus with little to no social skills, and increased anxiety and depression. Behavioral problems have not diminished and, in fact, have become more pronounced in the last two years. BAIT/CARE teams must be prepared to “connect the dots” to make sure that students do not fall between the cracks.  More importantly, a BAIT team could recognize and prevent violence on campus, should an individual demonstrate unstable thoughts of hurting others or themselves. BAIT teams must focus on behavior, and be prepared to Intervene, if needed.

Our expert presenter – Dr. Grant Azdell, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students at Randolph-Macon College and renowned consultant and author on crisis management and emergency planning – shares case studies on handling disturbing and worrisome behavior. He provides sample scenarios on topics including behavioral warning signs, conduct or residential concerns and how they translate into greater concern for your BAIT team, and how to address potentially problematic faculty and staff behavior. You’ll come away with proven tools and strategies for effective response that you can implement on your campus immediately.

Understand the risks, implement strategies to minimize liability and take an institution-wide approach to student intervention. You’ll be able to effectively intervene in these difficult situations proactively, compassionately, and effectively, with an integrated campus approach.

Topics Covered

You’ll gain specific, actionable takeaways that will help you:

  • Discover important new ways to utilize BAIT to better determine risk among student, faculty or staff behavior – improve your ability to respond to disturbing and worrisome behavior swiftly and effectively. 
  • Examine existing BAIT structures on your campus and propose strategies for improvement – review best practices for forming and operating an effective Behavior Assessment and Intervention Team as a risk management tool on your campus.
  • Explore proactive approaches to student success and behavioral intervention that you can implement in a way that meets your specific needs – know when to move from assessment to intervention.
  • Implement best practices for intervention – gain proven ideas for building an infrastructure that can address key issues with faculty and staff, as well as students.
  • “Dovetail” with emergency responders to ensure a seamless approach to supporting student success – streamline your approach and minimize liability by knowing when to intervene and when to refer out to law enforcement.
  • Educate your campus community about your BAIT Team – gain key strategies for getting the word out so your outreach efforts reach all groups on campus.


Dr. Grant L. Azdell currently serves as the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, and is a Professor at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia.
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