Data Focused Campus-wide Retention Initiatives that Engage & Support Student Success – On-Demand Training

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Improve Completion Rates

Utilize Data To Make Informed Decisions

Student retention remains a central focal point for institutions across the U.S. With staffing changes, fluctuations in enrollment, and continued conversations about the completion agenda, the focus must be not only on “how” we are going to get the work done. Successful retention initiatives that improve student success start with “why” questions and ensure the what, where, who and how questions are all addressed before the launch and throughout the program.

Our presenter shares examples of best practices with data-focused retention and completion-based outcomes, with a focus on current and emerging trends and offer a framework to customize a new approach for your students. She shares strong programs with documented outcomes that can be customized for your campus to support your student success.

Review the strongest examples of implemented programs – identifying how specific programs are successfully communicating, engaging and intervening in order to improve overall student success and completion.

Topics Covered

You will gain crucial, actionable takeaways that will help you:

  • Increase your practitioner-based understanding and definition of student success, persistence and retention for your institution – identify and implement strategies that lead to equitable access and outcomes for all students with a focus on clear pathways, support, and opportunities for student feedback.
  • Identify the proactive student retention initiatives that are impacting student success at 2-year and 4-year institutions and how programs are utilizing data to make informed decisions about next steps – customize a new retention approach for your students to help ensure they graduate.
  • Explore the expanded approach to retention initiatives that engage partners from across the campus in effective collaborative interventions that improve the student experience – engage student affairs and academic affairs partners in retention efforts.
  • Identify steps to assess current departmental and institutional processes and procedures to determine if the intention of the process best serves your student population – determine what is and what is not working on your campus so fiscal and human resources can be allocated the most strategic way possible.
  • Review strategies for connecting with under-served student populations and the initiatives increasing persistence – utilize recent findings regarding specific student support programs to better inform your communication and services for students.


Dr. Cathy Briggs is currently the Dean of Student Success at Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) in New Jersey.
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