How to Cultivate a Successful esports Program – On-Demand Training

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Boost Enrollment & Increase Student Engagement

The global esports market is expected to be more than $3 billion by the end of 2025*. Esports programs have already increased enrollment and revenue for schools across the U.S. – in and out of the classroom, esports programs are value-adds for universities striving to boost enrollment and engagement on campus. But building and expanding higher ed esports programs requires more than funding — and sometimes doesn’t require a big check at all.

Millions of people are engaged in this competitive online gaming landscape – including prospective students. One of the few markets that has been insulated from the global pandemic, esports provides a world of possibilities from revenue to recruitment and beyond. And the beauty of it is that colleges and universities can run a meaningful, competitive, fun, and revenue-generating experience with a limited budget and lean operation. The keys are authenticity and structure.

Our seasoned expert presenter offers crucial, actionable takeaways that will help you explore the world of competitive collegiate esports and gain the tools you need to develop and sustain a successful esports program suited to your campus.

Overcome hesitation and confusion surrounding esports so you can capitalize on opportunities with one of the fastest-growing spectator sports in the world. You’ll not only be able to start, run, and maintain a successful esports camp, but also utilize it as a powerful tool to provide opportunities for prospective and current student engagement.

*, March 2022

Topics Covered

You’ll get the exact information you need to take purposeful and confident action to:

  • Fully develop and run a successful esports program on your campus – from start-up to success – explore Title IX implications, where your program should report, how recruiting is happening, the resources you need, the pros and cons of starting a competition, how sponsors are involved, and much more.
  • Explore the potential profitability of esports programs – understand the potential costs and budgetary needs for building a competitive program and what the return on investment can look like for your institution.
  • Identify important aspects of a competitive esports program – take a deeper dive into the specifics of esports programming including managing germs and cleanliness, keeping your students moving physically, managing sharing of the space, and handling issues such as misogyny that exist in games like LoL and others.  
  • Weigh the pros and cons of an esports program on your campus – explore the human and fiscal resources needed to run a program, as well as the benefits a program like this could have on revenue and recruitment.  
  • Clearly define liability – outline a plan for minimizing risk, including addressing perceptions of diversity and cyberbullying in the esports world.
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration with alumni and community organizations.
  • Discuss revenue-generating models with esports camps that can work for a variety of different budgets – turn today’s camp registration into a prospect pool for tomorrow.


Dr. Gregory J. (Greg) Nayor currently serves as the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Daemen University in Amherst, NY. In this capacity, Dr. Nayor provides leadership to all areas of student affairs, enrollment management, and over-arching strategic initiatives for the University. Additionally, Dr. Nayor serves as associate faculty in the Masters of Science of Education (MSHE) Program at Penn State University and the University at Buffalo. Dr. Nayor is also a Senior Consultant with Azdell-Morgan Organizational Management Solutions, LLC., a consulting firm that specializes in Campus Safety and Administrative on-site evaluation projects that include training of institutional personnel.
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