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Initiatives & Support for Engagement, Persistence & Degree Completion

Despite Latinx/a/o students comprising more than 20 percent of traditional U.S. college students, they are completing college at public four-year institutions at a lower rate than their peers across the country. According to a 2019 Excelencia in Education report, the gap between the national (66%) and Latino student (57%) completion rate is 8 percent and the gap between Latino and White students (72%) is 15 percent.

Our expert presenter highlights strategies you can implement immediately to help your Latinx/a/o students succeed. Help them find their voice in your campus community, connect whether they are physically on-campus or learning remotely, and navigate unique dynamics to persist toward their degree.

Latinx/a/o students’ transition to college and persistence towards degree completion remains a high priority for institutions across the U.S. You’ll be able to help them achieve their academic and social goals by ensuring they know — and have access — to all of the available resources designed specifically for them.

Topics Covered

As a result of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Understand the intersecting identities of Latinx/a/o students — sexuality, gender, identity, citizenship, ability and their impact on their college experience — develop asset-based programs to support the multiple facets needed to foster a positive sense of self.
  • Recognize that there may be cultural context and family expectations that may impact students' ability to be successful in a virtual learning environment — build a campus-wide support system and identify community resources to ensure your Latinx/a/o students are able to overcome potential barriers to ensure their academic and social success.
  • Recognize the campus dynamic within the Latinx/a/o community that further isolates students — encourage students to acknowledge and celebrate those differences so you can take a holistic approach to support their personal and academic growth.
  • Assess current needs, identify gaps and create opportunities to address Latinx/a/o students’ unique needs — provide critical support to your students to tailor meet their needs and foster a sense of community in new ways through a virtual environment.
  • Create programming that addresses the heightened awareness and coalition-building with other marginalized communities — recognize your campus partners as allies in this work to maximize the impact and support you provide so you can successfully support, engage and partner in their academic degree completion.


Alejandro Magaña is currently the Associate Director of Multicultural Student Affairs at Northwestern University. He has focused his 15-year higher education career to cultivating a welcoming and inclusive environment for Black, Indigenous, Student of Color (BIPOC).
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