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Identify Profit Potential to Increase Your Operating Budget

Short and long-term financial viability continues to plague the minds of many senior administrators, as the damage from COVID remains difficult to assess. Institutions are already suffering and the fallout is expected to get worse. We have seen how utilizing residence halls can produce revenue, but also paralyze an institution when reduced density on campus is required. However, there are opportunities beyond residence halls to help you build revenue.

You and your staff will hear our expert — Dr. Greg Nayor, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives at Daemen College — discuss ways you can maximize auxiliary services year-round on your campus to increase revenue. Dr. Nayor has broad oversight and scope into college operation, including managing growth of auxiliary services and revenue. Through his work, Dr. Nayor has maximized and expanded existing resources, implemented new strategies and increased revenue in areas that have typically struggled.

You’ll be able to identify areas of growth for profit potential that exist and can be promoted on your campus through creative strategies and the development of partnerships that are mutually beneficial, profitable and supportive of your institutional mission and values.

Topics Covered

Get actionable takeaways so you can:

  • Identify areas of growth for profit potential that exist on your campus — capture revenue from viable sources, including those that have been untapped.
  • Develop a priority list for creating and growing auxiliary services — adapt your current policies and procedures to incorporate innovative ideas that work without having to reinvent the wheel.
  • Create a budget model for growing revenue using auxiliary services — take advantage of additional revenue streams to increase your operating budget.
  • Adapt — identify strategies for adapting existing infrastructure during the current pandemic to allow for continued operation and additional resources during austere times.
  • Discover creative ways to promote the professional experiences and skills that already exist on your campus.
  • Discuss the challenges with growing auxiliary services — overcome potential challenges through creative strategies and the development of partnerships that are mutually beneficial and profitable.


Dr. Gregory J. (Greg) Nayor currently serves as the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Daemen College in Amherst, NY. In this capacity, Dr. Nayor provides leadership to all areas of student affairs, enrollment management, and over-arching strategic initiatives for the College. Additionally, Dr. Nayor serves as associate faculty in the Masters of Science of Education (MSHE) Program at Penn State University and the University at Buffalo. Dr. Nayor is also a Senior Consultant with Azdell-Morgan Organizational Management Solutions, LLC., a consulting firm that specializes in Campus Safety and Administrative on-site evaluation projects that include training of institutional personnel.
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