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Strategies to Overcome Barriers to Enrollment & Graduation

As colleges and universities navigate the challenges posed by COVID-19, the familiar challenges remain, including how to overcome barriers to enrollment and graduation for students from rural communities.

These students face unique challenges, which can include: 

  • Lack of critical infrastructure that impacts education, such as internet access and transportation
  • Multigenerational poverty and substance abuse
  • Few examples of successful higher education attainment

Given these barriers, rural students bring extraordinary value to colleges and universities — their cultural practices, "traditional" knowledge and distinct perspectives. The value add-on of rural students is often overlooked.

Our expert presenter offers crucial, actionable takeaways to reach this overlooked and underserved student population.  

  • Understand what "rural" really looks like in the U.S. 
  • Learn how to develop effective rural recruitment strategies.
  • Create intentional retention strategies. 

Walk away with the specific tools you need to overcome barriers for effective rural recruitment and retention. Be able to consciously devise comprehensive programs, services and processes designed especially for rural students to not only attract them to your institution but graduate them as well. 

Topics Covered

As a result of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the diversity of rural opportunities so you can develop institution-specific strategies that will reach this often overlooked and underserved population.
  • Increase rural awareness, community-specific communications and partnerships with rural-based organizations so you can amplify rural students’ voices. 
  • Overcome obstacles so you can identify timelines for pipeline development, approach and messaging, school and community points of contact and output expectations.
  • Create community-based partnerships to support rural retention — utilize retention efforts that validate and leverage the strength and resilience rural students get from home.
  • Put systems in place to not only enroll these students to your institution, but also to support their academic persistence towards graduation


Rachel Fried is a Partner with College Access Strategies/Public School Initiative. She is a social justice educator whose work has taken her across the nation, from rural Appalachian and Native American communities to urban areas on both coasts. Since graduating from Columbia University, she has spent the vast majority of her career creating comprehensive college and career readiness strategies focused on access and attainment for underserved students.
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