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School Health Professional provides eight pages of clear, concise and comprehensive reporting on the most recent developments in public and school health. You get information on the delivery of medical care, professional preparation, government actions, and scientific research. It covers pediatric medicine, school health, physical and nutritional education, school nursing, student rights and records, violence prevention, sexuality counseling and education, drug abuse prevention and testing, health insurance, Medicaid, and more!

No other publication provides this type of independent coverage of school health issues!

School Health Professional is published monthly 12 times per year.

Topics Covered

Take a look at some of the recent headlines from School Health Professional:

  • Normalizing mask-wearing at school
  • School coronavirus safety measures recommended by nursing professors
  • Tips for educators to protect their voices during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Flu vaccines among children decrease hospitalizations among all ages
  • Implementing a staff self-care plan
  • Focusing on school health and physical education
  • Children's health insurance: expanding programs and closing the gaps
  • School nurses call for classroom cleaning protocols
  • Food allergies
  • New recommendations for prevention and treatment of childhood obesity
  • Using history to teach the importance of vaccines
  • Parent perceptions of BMI screening
  • Sports injuries: prevention and treatment
  • Updates on school health legislation

Your Annual Subscription Includes:

  • 12 digital issues per year
  • PDF delivery to your email inbox
  • Site License allowing you to distribute the content to your entire school community
  • Special reports on top K-12 issues facing educators today

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