Student Mental Health & Re-immersion to Campus Life – On-Demand Training

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Identify Signs of Distress & Strategies to Intervene Appropriately

As students begin to return to life on campus as they knew it prior to the pandemic, the re-immersion process is likely going to be challenging for many.

For campus professionals, there is great worry about the level of mental health challenges students are facing due to the pandemic and the structural racism experienced during 2020-21. Being able to recognize the signs of a student in distress is critical.

Our seasoned and engaging campus mental health expert discusses the evolving mental health profile of today’s students, identifies the biopsychosocial impacts of Covid, and the unique challenges to student mental health as students begin the re-immersion process.

This webinar is appropriate for those who work directly with students and student groups in the areas of residence life, counseling services, academic advising, and orientation, as well as faculty, peer mentors and others serving on the front line.

Topics Covered

As a result of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Initiate a campus-wide dialogue with faculty, staff, administrators, and students on the current mental health crisis and campus policies that address “students of concern”.
  • Understand the unique challenges to student mental health as they arise from a re-immersion to campus – identify signs of distress and strategies to assist & intervene appropriately.
  • Identify biopsychosocial impacts of COVID on student mental health and how they may be compounded for students of marginalized identities – assess campus policies and procedures to ensure that structural racism is not perpetuated, so all students feel supported.
  • Provide campus-wide training to recognize the signs of a student experiencing a mental health crisis and help the student get needed help.
  • Engage key campus and community stakeholders to foster a collaborative and supportive environment to assist students in crisis or at risk – increase awareness so students feel safe, cared for and valued members of the community.


Dr. Meggen Tucker Sixbey is currently a Clinical Associate Professor and Associate Director of the University of Florida’s (UF) Counseling and Wellness Center located in Gainesville, Florida.
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Included When You Purchase

  • 90-minute online session with carefully selected expert(s)
  • Unlimited access to view webinar recording on demand
  • Materials for your team (handouts, discussion questions, etc.)
  • Certificate of completion for each participant
  • Weekly newsletter – What's Working on Campus

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