The Greek Life Legal Landscape – On-Demand Training

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Mitigate Issues to Protect Your Institution

National unrest has led many students and campuses to question the purpose of traditional fraternity and sorority life in higher education. With a history that includes many incidents of racism, paternalistic, male-dominated behaviors and hazing, there are inherent risk management issues facing both organizations and institutions — leaving many to question their value. Headlines paint a bleak picture for the current legal landscape of Greek Life as evidenced in town/gown relationships, local zoning, land use ordinances, “independent” IFC’s, first amendment protections, hazing and the Abolish Greek Life movement.

Our expert presenter — Attorney and former national men’s fraternity CEO David Westol — outlines five challenging areas of Fraternity and Sorority Life and how institutions can take practical steps to anticipate and mitigate these critical issues. Having served as an expert witness in over 20 cases involving national fraternities and sororities, he will help your institution proactively address these issues.

Walk away from this webinar prepared to improve relationships with national organizations, local members and local government; open lines of communication; address issues before they escalate; and improve the future of your fraternal community.

Topics Covered

As a result of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the legal status of chapters that are no longer recognized by your university but continue to operate and function in the community — gain insight in the complex zoning laws and ordinances, review cases to better prepare your campus and uphold the integrity of your community.
  • Preempt potential racist, sexist, classist and inherent risk management issues that are a part of fraternal organization recruitment, membership education and social programming — ensure institutional expectations and organizational risk management policies are followed to avoid negative headlines, tragedy, and potential lengthy and costly lawsuits.
  • Articulate a plan to address the critical need for hazing prevention — foster a collaborative campus-wide approach to protect ALL students and visiting guests — minimize risk, institutional liability, and ensure student safety and success at your institution.
  • Distinguish the difference between First Amendment protections and organizational/personal rights using case law — address free speech challenges appropriately and legally to minimize the negative impact to your institution’s reputation, impact on alumni donations and institutional support, and improve the future of your fraternal community.
  • Challenge and involve critical stakeholders (alumni, national organizations, concerned parents, athletic directors/coaches, current members) to address the issues surrounding the current Abolish Greek Life movement — understand what is driving the movement so that you can gain buy-in from general membership to support inclusive membership and positive fraternal experiences.


David Westol is currently the Principal and Owner of Limberlost Consulting, Inc. in Carmel, Indiana.
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