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Training Curriculum to Ensure Effectiveness & Compliance

The Title IX regulations released and effectuated in 2020 have pushed due process and hearing requirements even further than ever before. Your responsibility as an administrator is to ensure that your Title IX hearing boards are doing exactly what needs to be done to avoid legal issues, while supporting individuals involved in the Title IX process. As your campus works toward ensuring compliance, training your hearing board on Title IX is a critical part of this process.

Hear from our campus legal expert on the hearing board process and how you can train your panelists to be the most effective hearing officers they can. She explores relevant statutes, the updated regulations, the impact of resolution agreements and current case law on this landscape to set a foundation for practitioners trying to navigate the creation of sound processes. You will be able to prepare your hearing boards with the foundation they need to be successful.

You will learn best practices for training on all aspects of the hearing process including:

  • Setting up and training on methods of allowing effective cross-examination between the parties, particularly utilizing Title IX advisors
  • Relevancy determinations and documenting those determinations
  • Ensuring respondents are charged appropriately for their behavior
  • Understanding when a hearing needs to be stopped and reconvened as a result of uncovering new evidence
  • Handling criminal proceedings in addition to conduct hearings
  • Drafting the outcome notification
  • Handling appeals

You will find tools you can tailor to your campus to train your hearing boards to avoid missteps in your sexual misconduct processes.

Topics Covered

After attending this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Understand the hearing board’s role in Title IX Compliance – and why training panelists through every step of the process is critical in avoiding a lawsuit.
  • Understand emerging legal issues and trends in sexual misconduct processes and hearings, including concerns related to due process – avoid sinking your entire process before even beginning.
  • Comply with each of the federal laws, including the Clery Act and Title IX, as they relate to sexual misconduct processes and hearings – prep your hearing board to set up hearings, follow a script for hearings, and incorporate cross-examination and Title IX advisors.
  • Help hearing board members recognize and address issues of bias – ensure your hearing board members are able to handle all types of cases regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation and more.
  • Conduct a comprehensive training process that encompasses all aspects of sexual misconduct hearings to ensure your board members are as prepared as possible – train your hearing board on relevancy determinations, documenting those determinations, and documenting outcome determinations, among other important hearing board tasks.


Amber L. Grove is the Director of Title IX and Clery Compliance at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and has served in that role since January 2016. She also serves as the Interim ADA/504 Coordinator.
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  • Certificate of completion for each participant
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