Title IX Regulations 2020: Tools to Support Campus Policies, Messaging, Investigations and Training Guide

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Brand New Based on Federal Regulations That Went Into Effect August 2020

Keep Your Institution in Compliance With the New Regulations

It’s a time of transition. Implementing the new Title IX regulations mandated by the Department of Education requires several specific guidelines, while it also requires a variety of strategies that many people aren’t necessarily considering. Both are equally important for a successful transition — and the continued implementation of Title IX.

That’s why we’ve developed Title IX Regulations 2020: Tools to Support Campus Policies, Messaging, Investigations and Training. This 100-page binder offers tangible, practical tools and ideas focused on the realities of Title IX, to help institutions take action, increase awareness and make new systems work for everyone involved.

With the ready-made tools inside this 100-page resource you’ll be able to:

  • Bring Title IX strategies to life so you’re considering all angles
  • Put new areas of focus on your radar to create more effective processes and responses
  • Ensure that students’ Title IX needs are being proactively and reactively addressed
  • Help faculty and staff members be more comfortable responding to Title IX situations

Topics Covered

Topics covered inside Title IX Regulations 2020 include:

  • Serving impartially, including the avoidance of “prejudgment of the facts at issue, conflicts of interest, and bias”
  • Talking with students about the new Title IX regulations and what they mean as well as addressing concerns
  • Implicit bias training to encourage impartiality among Title IX staff
  • Communicating with the campus community to inform them and allay fears
  • Implementing supportive measures (housing, academics, etc.)
  • Recognizing and responding when someone is triggered
  • Establishing trust
  • Balancing the stigma of “trauma-informed” language
  • Managing conflicts of interest
  • Handling Title IX remotely, as needed
  • Using the included role-plays and case studies in the Title IX context
  • Discussing the standard of evidence your institution chose and why it was chosen
  • Looking at other reporting responsibilities in the Title IX context — from child abuse to state felony reporting requirements and more
  • Successfully using social media within Title IX offices
  • Interacting with outside counsel and the world they come from
  • Providing moral support
  • Setting up comfortable discussion environments for respondents and complainants
  • Supporting staff self-care as they take on additional Title IX challenges
  • Addressing compassion fatigue
  • Continuing to address the existing Violence Against Women’s Act (VAWA) requirement to provide violence prevention training to all incoming students and employees
  • Providing Title IX programming and messaging that impacts different segments of your campus community
  • And more!

Plus, this resource features Q&As with Title IX experts, addressing nuanced strategies to help your processes run more efficiently and effectively.

    What’s Included

    Ensure Campus Community Members are Prepared to Respond to Title IX Situations While Proactively and Reactively Addressing Students’ Needs

    This 100-page resource has the tools you need to prepare faculty and staff while supporting students, including:
    • Case Studies
    • Role-Plays
    • Discussion Questions
    • Talking Points
    • Checklists
    • Handouts
    • Guidance and Examples
    • Programming Strategies
    • Q&As with Title IX legal experts

    Plus, your purchase includes a site license to share with your staff and campus community – perfect for your remote training initiatives!

    Two Versions to Choose From

    1. Printed with Digital Download – includes a printed copy of this resource as well as digital access to the enclosed materials and accompanying license to share with your campus community.  Price includes $9 shipping fee.

    2. Digital Download Only – includes digital access to this resource and accompanying license to share with your campus community.

    Upon purchase, the instructions for downloading this resource will be immediately available. For questions, email info@paper-clip.com.

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