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Data-Driven Communication Strategies to Increase Enrollment

How to effectively connect with students in a digital age is a puzzle enrollment professional are constantly trying to solve. As new technology becomes available, it seems to reset what we’ve known and relied on for consistent communication to students and their families. With increased competition, and communication tracks beginning earlier and earlier, students’ in-boxes are filling up at an astonishing rate. 

How do you successfully reach, recruit and retain transfer students?

Our expert presenter offers crucial, actionable takeaways regarding the types of messaging that transfer students want, how and when it should be sent, and why it works. 

You’ll walk away with data-driven ideas for crafting a thoughtful and effective communication strategy including: which methods of communication solicit the best open rates at different points in the admission funnel, A/B testing for communication efforts, how to compose an effective email, special occasion messaging, best practices for texting, what role social media should play in recruitment, how to frame conversations around affordability, and establishing a parent communication plan for your traditional-aged transfer population. 

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we highlight how to keep your campus messaging upbeat, maintain "face-time" with families, and leverage pre-existing content to provide an authentic and personalized experience for your prospective students.

Topics Covered

Get actionable takeaways so you can:

  • Develop a communication plan that uses various communication methods at different points in the admission funnel — utilize an action plan that best leverages strategies to increase transfer student recruitment and retention efforts.
  • Conduct a survey on your own transfer student preferences to drive future communications — utilize data-driven results to inform strategical decisions and processes.
  • Learn how to effectively use social media in the transfer recruitment cycle — communicate in a way that transfer students want, and when and how they want it, so you can achieve maximum impact.
  • Examine your communication plans for parents and advisors as they play a crucial role in supporting students in their transfer search.
  • Connect with other key stakeholders on-campus (such as Financial Aid, Academic Affairs and Marketing) to collaborate on ways to implement best practices in your physical and electronic messaging — leverage resources for the benefit of recruitment and transition efforts.


Nicholas DeFalco is the Director of Transfer Admission at North Central College in Naperville, IL. 
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