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Audit for Compliance, Explore Implications of Pending Case Law & Minimize Liability

An annual audit of your student handbook is critical to remain compliant with federal and state laws, reflect current campus policies and procedures, and meet the needs of both the institution and students. Your student handbook is one of the most important documents you provide to your faculty, students and community each year.

Join our engaging expert presenter as he shares his years of experience drafting and writing new college handbooks. He provides an overview to the key components necessary for an effective student handbook – including how to write up-to-date policies that reflect your institution’s mission and code of conduct, so you can safeguard your students and your institution. Additionally, he examines current and pending case law, so you can understand the legal considerations you should be exploring in auditing your student handbook

Reduce your institution’s liability.

You will come away from this webinar confident in your ability to conduct an audit, rather than feel overwhelmed and anxious about task. Understand why it is critical to engage key stakeholders, including your institutional legal counsel, to serve on the audit team. Ensure mistakes and miscues are avoided and protect your institution from unwanted legal challenges and costly litigation.

Topics Covered

Gain crucial, actionable takeaways to help you:

  • Conduct a comprehensive annual student handbook audit confidently and inclusively with key campus stakeholders and your institution’s legal counsel  avoid mistakes and miscues that could lead to unwanted legal challenges and costly litigation.
  • Remain compliant with federal and state laws that need to be considered in the audit process – reduce your institution’s liability while meeting the needs of both the institution and your students.
  • Draft a handbook that reflects your institution’s mission, student conduct code and behavior expectations – prevent frustration from your faculty, staff, and students by creating clear policies and procedures by ensuring your handbook conveys the intended message to the community.
  • Consider the advantages of print vs. electronic versions of your handbook  balance the need for disclosure with legal implications.
  • Understand the most current and pending case law regarding the student handbook being a “contract” between the school and student  ensure that one of the most important documents that you provide to your faculty, staff, and students is compliant and reflects current campus policies and procedures.


Dr. Grant L. Azdell currently serves as the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, and is a Professor at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia.
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