Our Mission
We strive to support caring, hard-working campus professionals in their important student life work, as they engage in professional development, lifelong learning and training other campus staff. Our goal is to help you stay on top of key higher ed trends to inform your planning and improve the quality of your programs, all in pursuit of providing students with the best possible college student experience.

We Believe…
  • That what students experience at college helps form them
  • That student life educators make a great difference in the lives of their students
  • That the life skills, leadership abilities, discourse and debate skills, and diversity awareness students gain outside the classroom are key to their success in the world
  • That regularly connecting with our customers, presenters and writers helps make us stronger and more in tune with the higher ed landscape
  • That providing quality content is our strength — and our ongoing responsibility
We also believe that your time is at a premium — so we carefully curate content, capturing the big ideas and tapping into leading experts, so the heavy lifting is done for you.