Developing Connections. Providing Quality Content. Knowing the Higher Ed Culture. That’s the PaperClip Difference.

When you connect with PaperClip Communications, as a customer, speaker or writer, you’ve entered a special relationship. We’ll make sure you feel supported, answer any questions you have and engage so you know you’re important to us. Our connections are our calling card and we’re honored to connect with so many valued higher ed colleagues.

PaperClip’s quality content is the backbone of our business. We consistently think about you, our end users, when developing resources so they can meet your needs and make your life on campus that much easier. We never take your trust in us for granted.

Since our origins in 1994, when a small group of us from higher ed backgrounds gathered, we’ve been told that we just “get” student life — its language and its culture. We know who we’re serving and you’re always on our minds. Here at PaperClip, we’ve worked hard to stick to those original roots as we create modern-day resources to meet your ever-changing campus needs.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to show you the PaperClip Difference.