PresenterPhotoBeit Gorski (xe/xem/xyrs) currently serves as a Senior Staff Therapist, licensed professional counselor for Colorado State University Health Network.

Beit Gorski actively engages in trauma-informed work that seeks to grow effective and equitable mental health services and supports that shift the social tide from revolving doors and cracks in the system to stable and thriving families in community. Xe has more than 18 years of experience supporting community clients during psychiatric emergencies and other forms of trauma-related acute crisis as well as supporting adults and children who have experienced intimate partner violence/ domestic violence. For 3 years, Beit served as Adjunct Faculty at Naropa University, authoring and implementing a novel curriculum for the undergraduate core Diversity Seminar and teaching the Community Learning in Action seminar and xe continues to guest lecture and present by invitation at local, national, and international conferences centering on education and human rights. Xe has also been working professionally and personally in trans and genderqueer communities for 10 years, providing transition support and gender diversity training for universities, clinics, hospitals, early childhood educators, and community organizations. 

Beit is the proud alumnum of Red Rocks Community College, the University of Colorado at Boulder, and Naropa University and navigates the professional/ academic class having grown up in poverty and being a white, disabled, queer, trans and nonbinary intersex person who practices non-monogamy. As a senior staff therapist on the multicultural counseling team at the CSU Health Network, Beit is dedicated to continue contributing to the ongoing and collaborative work across communities to co-create safety and general wellness in the context of intentional and meaningful inclusion in celebration and honor of all identities and experiences.