PresenterPhotoBrian LaDuca is the founding Executive Director of the Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation (IACT) at the University of Dayton. His research is focused on the relationship between necessary 21st Century skills in the workforce and competency-based curriculum in post-secondary education.

He has been with Dayton for ten years where he leads the ongoing evolution of all micro-credentials and badges for the University of Dayton students, faculty and staff and steers the ongoing city-wide collaboration of The GEM, Dayton’s emerging education incubator with a mission to maximize possibilities for city educators to be innovative change agents for developing new teaching and learning solutions to help Dayton's community and society progress. Since 2015 he has presented his research and work across the world including keynote presentations and workshops in Mexico, Switzerland, Peru, and China. He has degrees from the University of Illinois-Urbana, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of Dayton (2023); and is lovingly supported by his wife Susie and his twin boys, Michelangelo and Joaquin and their sister, Giada.