PresenterPhotoDr. Ashley Grice currently serves as the Director of the Pride Resource Center at Colorado State University.

Dr. Ashley Grice (she/her/hers) is bringing with her a passion and commitment to diversity, equity, joy and inclusion work, particularly from a lens of intersectionality that will continue to build upon all the great work that has been developed across various institutions and contexts. Dr. Grice completed her doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh in Social and Comparative Analysis in Education, and her dissertation focus was Faculty, Staff, and Student Perceptions of the Transgender and Gender-nonconforming (TGNC) Student Experiences at Carnegie Mellon University. 

Dr. Grice has invested much of her time and energy engaging, advocating and uplifting the LGBTQIA+ community on various campuses and in communities where she has lived over the years, and this is also true from a racial justice lens. As the Director of the Pride Resource Center at Colorado State University, Dr. Grice is eager to continue coalition building and collaborations across various industries and higher education to further contribute to the ongoing efforts of increasing inclusive, equitable, socially just and affirming environments for all.