PresenterPhotodr. becky martinez is a Mixed Race, Mixed Class Woman of Color and has learned to hold the dynamic of “the both/and” because of these identities. She is a proud aunt, friend, forever learner, person that likes to run, student of nature, fan of ice cream and hopes to always be in process. As a consultant and trainer, becky strives to create space for critical reflection and learning to increase self-awareness and create sustainable change. Her work focuses on engaging individuals and groups to recognize systems of privilege and oppression for more inclusive and equitable policies, practices, norms, structures and simply ways of being. She works with a range of groups within higher education and with non-profit organizations. She is a member with the Social Justice Training Institute, a Co-Lead Facilitator for LeaderShape, a Foundation Board member with the American College Personnel Association. Raised in a working-class family and now identifying as a class straddler, becky deeply values digging deep into the complexity of social class and classism to create more equitable spaces with a class lens. While DEI-centered work is complex, complicated, and sometimes messy, it is also joyous, soulful, and liberating, and gets us closer to our humanity