PresenterPhotoDr. Carolynn Komanski currently serves as the Director of Experiential Programs at the University of Florida located in Gainesville, Florida. She is co-inventor of the Youth Compliance Registration System and also works with local school and nonprofit organizations on youth compliance issues.

In past roles, she has overseen housing operations, research-assessment, safety-security, sponsorships and grant programs.  She also works with local school and no- profit organizations regarding youth compliance.  She currently serves as a Title IX Deputy and as an adjunct faculty with a focus on leadership theory and practice.  Dr. Komanski is a co-inventor of the Youth Compliance Registration System.  Her work experience is rooted in higher education, youth leadership, advocacy, issues of access and inclusion, leadership, training and development, change management. Strategic management, and data guided decisions.  She is actively involved in regional, national and international networks.  She presents, publishes, and consults on issues regarding leadership, compliance, training and development, and innovative leadership.  

Her Ph.D. is from the University of Florida, her Master’s in Science is from Indiana University -Bloomington, and her Bachelor of Arts was earned at the University of South Florida.