PresenterPhotoDurryle Brooks, Ph.D, M.A is interdisciplinary research scholar-practitioner and a social justice educator from Baltimore, MD. He is the Founder and CEO of Love and Justice Consulting LLC, an organization that provides leaders with diversity and social justice learning opportunities to increase their capacity to effectively and authentically engage difference. He currently is Deputy Director of the BOLD Center at the Service Employees International Union.

As a former Research Associate at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, Dr. Brooks’ current research explores examining historical and contemporary implications of medical mistrust and its impact on Covid-19 racial disparities among African-Americans. Additionally, his research examines the silent epidemic of Intimate Partner Violence among Black gay and bisexual men and developing pathways of support for healing.

Dr. Brooks is the current Policy Chair for the Baltimore City School Board, where he advocates for educational justice for LGBTQ students, who are often marginalized and erased within formal educational settings. He is a WK Kellogg Foundation Community Leadership Network Fellow and supports racial justice and healing for all children and families. As a social justice practitioner, Dr. Brooks’ work focuses on re-centering love in our collective racial justice efforts, and harnessing its transformative capacity to reshape our lives in ways that honor the very core of who and what we are. He is the author of (Re)conceptualizing Love: Moving Towards a Critical Theory of Love in Education for Social Justice, which articulates a vision and framework for re-conceptualizing love in ways that produces intersectional justice and healing for people of color, communities, and our society as a whole.