Dr. Jeri Heileman is currently serving as an Assistant Professor of Practice at the University of Arizona located in Tucson, Arizona.

In this role, she works in a unit of fifteen faculty within the W.A. Franke Honors College and as part of the Department of General Education leading the university’s initiative to support incoming undergraduates along their general education journey. Each faculty member leads and supports a team of 12 instructors in the delivery of bookend courses to the general education curriculum: UNIV 101/301.

Dr. Heileman earned a B.A. (Education: University of Florida), a M.A (Psychological Foundations; University of New Mexico) and a doctorate (Educational Leadership; University of Kentucky).  Across the years of Jeri’s professional career, the common thread has been a desire to support students and their individual journeys through learning and life. Prior to joining the University of Arizona community, she served in educational positions within P-20 institutions in Florida, North Carolina, and New Mexico. Currently, her research area focuses on the use of strategic onboarding practices to strengthen a sense of connectedness for those entering higher education. Dr. Heileman has presented at a wide range of conferences sharing the powerful impact of connectedness and community on personal, academic, and career success.

Beyond her professional passions, she enjoys hiking, camping, traveling, and eating out. A personal priority is spending time with her family which includes her husband of 40 years, three children and their partners and three grandchildren.