Imants Jaunarajs currently serves as the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs at Ohio University.

Jaunarajs has more than twenty years of experience in university career centers and is a creator of innovative and outcome-driven career development best practices, including Brain-Based Career Development (BBCD) and Leadership Coaching (an executive coaching model for undergraduate students).

In the fall of 2012, he led the merger of Career Services with the Leadership Center to create what was formerly known as the Career & Leadership Development Center, currently the Career Network at Ohio University. Starting with only one staff member, Jaunarajs strategically developed the new career services paradigm and currently oversees a staff of 16 professionals and 35 graduate and undergraduate student employees. In 2018, the Career Network was the winner of the National Excellence Award for Career Services Excellence.

Jaunarajs earned a Bachelor of Arts from Earlham College and Master of Arts from Western Michigan University.