Lisa Ramsey is an Academic Success Advisor at John Carroll University in Cleveland, OH.

After 25 years in student affairs (student programming, student organizations, orientation, student leadership, student government), Lisa transitioned to her academic advising role in August 2020. She enjoys the combination of teaching, advising, coaching and supervising student employees that are part of her position. In addition, she is an advisor of record for the deciding students at JCU and will be in the second year of that program in the Fall of 2022. Throughout her career in higher education, Lisa has been engaged with diversity, equity and inclusion work for both students and professionals and is excited to have this opportunity to have this conversation through the lens of academic advising. Lisa earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Thiel College and her Master of Education in Counselor Education from Ohio University. Lisa lives in NE Ohio with her husband and giant dog. She has one adult son in California and one son halfway through college in Ohio.