PresenterPhotoNicole Chiuchiolo currently serves as the Program Coordinator for Commuter Students at Stony Brook University in New York.

In her role as the Program Coordinator for Commuter Student Services & Off-Campus Living at Stony Brook University, Nicole is responsible for creating community, opportunities, and a sense of belonging and connection for the university’s diverse commuter population of over 15,000 students. She has been at Stony Brook for the past 3 years, and earned her Master’s Degree from the institution in December of 2019.

Nicole has adopted a student-centered mentality, advocating for and focusing on the unique needs of the wide range of commuter student sub-populations including fully remote learners, and non-traditional students. The area places an emphasis on connecting commuter students to the campus community as soon as possible by providing them with targeted programming, resources and support they need to ensure they have the most enriching college experience possible, whether they commute miles to campus every day, or their commute is only from their bedroom to their desk.