10 Student Mental Health and Well-Being Workshops Training Guide

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Addressing Pandemic-Related Issues and Concerns

“Across the country, some school leaders and experts say the pandemic has brought new urgency to a mental health crisis that had been unraveling on college campuses for years.”
– The Washington Post, 3/30/21

It is certainly no surprise that our students are struggling. When the Center for Collegiate Mental Health at Pennsylvania State University reviewed data on students seeking help at campus counseling centers, they found that 72% reported the pandemic had negatively impacted their mental health.

Difficult times have taken their toll, as students work to re-engage, contend with trauma, manage intense emotions and explore their own resilience. They’ve been pressure-cooked by the pandemic, race relations and other current realities.

It’s a crisis reaching peak proportions. The isolation, anxiety and trauma of this pandemic period have made mental health concerns much worse. Students and their well-being need our attention.

Dedicated staff and faculty members want to help, paving the way for students to reintegrate into campus life in the most positive ways possible. They’re doing amazing work. Yet, the reality is that dedicated, caring employees are also spent, unable to do it all. There’s only so much time, attention and emotion to give.

That’s why we’ve developed 10 Student Mental Health and Well-Being Workshops. These 10 workshops and their supporting materials are ready to present to your students, in language and actions that fit their experiences and emotional needs. Whether you’re working with a group of commuter students, a lounge full of residence hall dwellers, student leaders, first-generation students or any other student group, you’ll find effective strategies and tools right at your fingertips!

Plus, your campus site license allows you to digitally share any of the 10 Student Mental Health and Well-Being Workshops in online student forums, too.

Sources: The Washington Post, 3/30/21 and 10/14/21

Topics Covered

Each of the modules within this 120+ page resource can be used to present a 45- to 60-minute training workshop in whatever format best serves your audience. Or, pieces of it can be used in smaller segments to meet your audience’s individual needs. Topics include…

  1. Building Resilience. Practice empathy, grow emotional intelligence, develop a positive growth mindset and hone other critical tools to tap into when things don’t go as planned.

  2. Facing Emotional Exhaustion and Depletion. Learn the difference between practicing energy management vs. time management and help students explore ways to recover from emotional depletion and enhance their energy levels.

  3. Setting Boundaries. Help students learn to say “no” with confidence while creating healthy boundaries as they navigate difficult family dynamics, relationship concerns, academic pressures, parents wanting to be over-involved and much more.

  4. Remembering Your “Why.” Learning to explore their purpose, the intentionality behind their decision-making, expectations, goal-setting and more can serve your students well.

  5. Managing Social Anxiety. Help students learn to face fears of being scrutinized and judged by others in social settings so they can re-engage in healthy, positive ways.

  6. Practicing Emotional Self-Management. Students are facing stress, hopelessness, trauma, despair, frustration and more in these uncertain times — help them explore how to manage these emotions in healthy, sustainable ways that will serve them well for the long run.

  7. Refocusing in Times of Change. Help students examine effective strategies so they can reclaim their time, focus and attention — even when things feel chaotic and uncertain.

  8. Making and Maintaining Social Connections. Making friends, maintaining established bonds and connecting with others has been more challenging during these unusual times. Encourage your students to address lingering feelings of loneliness and isolation while keeping positive connection-making at the forefront.

  9. Getting Unstuck. Provide students tactics for getting unstuck when they are languishing, not feeling good about life or lacking a sense of belonging.

  10. Dealing with Intense Emotions. Help students investigate ways to deal with intense emotions brought on by uncertain times, such as fear and anger, so they can find their footing again.

What’s Included

Use these tangible training tools to help improve students’ coping skills while decreasing their possibility of burning out and dropping out.

Within each of the 10 workshop modules, you’ll find…

  • An overview of the topic, filled with research, best practices and more that trainers can use to present the topic in a high-quality, comprehensive manner
  • Handouts with key information to share
  • Interactive worksheets and self-work to engage learners
  • Talking points and a sample workshop agenda that tie the information to all the supporting pieces

Your purchase also includes a site license to share with your staff and campus community — perfect for your remote training initiatives!


Inside these workshops, you’ll find training tools to help you…

  • Address the mental health realities students are struggling with so concerned, yet overworked, staff can reach a wide range of students
  • Intentionally focus on students’ well-being so those students can stay in school, persist to graduation and thrive
  • Address the impact of these uncertain times with care, research and action
  • Easily reach both in-person and remote learners
  • Speak to students in down-to-earth language that matches the reality of their experiences
  • Let campus community members recognize that they are seen, heard, valued and surrounded by care, thus enhancing their well-being and institutional loyalty

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