50 Ways to Retain Students and Help Them Persist to Graduation – Customized Digital Guide

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When it comes to student retention and persistence, all campus community members play a role. We want our students to stick around, and that takes intentional effort on a variety of fronts: academics, mental health, personal well-being, social supports, campus engagement and finding those key connections that make students want to stay.

Yet, being part of the retention/persistence solution is often believed to be the responsibility of just one or two campus offices. To get all campus community members on board, playing their important roles, they need to know what it is that they can do. That’s where the 50 Ways to Retain Students and Help Them Persist to Graduation: A Guide for Our Caring Campus Community comes in!

This 16-page digital resource outlines 50 simple, yet effective ways that can empower all faculty and staff — from support staff to grad students to administrators — to naturally engage in retention and persistence efforts within the context of their various campus roles.

From making students feel welcomed to helping them through challenges, supporting their sense of agency and creating a culture of belonging, the 50 Ways digital guide will help all members of your community quickly learn how they can become part of the retention/persistence solution!

Plus, this guide is customized with your school's logo!

Topics Covered

Within the guide, strategies include:
  • Creating campus connections points that make students feel seen and heard
  • Getting to know students’ stories and helping them author their own stories moving forward
  • Creating a warm welcome through inclusive language and actions
  • Employing coaching, customer service and belonging strategies
  • And so much more!

Customized with Your Campus-Specific Information

The full-color, digital 50 Ways to Retain Students and Help Them Persist to Graduation guide is customized with your institution or department’s logo on the front and your institution name and website in the footers throughout. Plus, you’ll receive a license to post and distribute the digital guide to your campus community members.

Instructions for submitting your custom content can be found here. A PaperClip Communications team member will contact you upon purchase to assist you with your custom materials. For questions, email info@paper-clip.com.

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