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Data Driven Initiatives to Increase First Year Retention Rates

Many of today’s students have shorter attention spans and less self-confidence than in years past. They require greater support to thrive on your campus more now than ever before. Academic advisors can and should play a critical role in addressing this challenge, as they provide critical opportunities for one-on-one connections with every student.

Join our presenter as she shares the culture shift academic advising has made on her campus based on the College Student Inventory data collected over the past five years to address their students’ greater needs and lowered executive functioning capacity. As a result of the intentional shift in advising and the fostering of greater relationships between student and advisor it has led to more accurate math placement, customized first-year student success courses, identifying career goals, implementation of Peer Academic Coaches and an increase in first-year retention rates.

Enhance your students’ success and help them enter the workforce with confidence and skill mastery.

Topics Covered

Gain crucial, actionable takeaways that will help you:

  • Utilize technology to educate incoming students on the steps necessary to register for the best first semester classes for their majors.
  • Build successful academic advising relationships through individual advising appointments that focus on that students’ specific needs, level of executive functioning and future academic/career goals.
  • Overcome short attention spans and lack of confidence through data driven individualized advising plans and one-on-one relationship building.
  • Implement Peer Academic Coaching to foster additional relationships to support students who indicate they need that additional resource.
  • Create customized Student Success Courses to help make the first-year relevant to each student.


Dr. Katherine Drumm is the Assistant Vice President for University Advising & Technology at Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond, Virginia.
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