Advanced Assessment for Student Affairs Binder

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Making Reliable Data-Based Decisions

Assessment goals on today’s campuses come in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps you want to more effectively tell your story, make reliable data-based decisions or advocate for resources. Or maybe you’re looking to improve your programs, services and learning experiences.

The more tools you and your colleagues have to gather diverse data and share it with various audiences, the more effective your assessment efforts will be.  

The Advanced Assessment for Student Affairs: Making Reliable Data-Based Decisions binder will help you look at issues and challenges through different lenses to best meet student, departmental and institutional needs.

Enhance your confidence and competence with this often-complicated process using Advanced Assessment for Student Affairs.

Topics Covered

Multiple Assessment Methods:

Inside this unique resource, you’ll find a how-to guide for various assessment methods, such as:

  • Classroom assessment techniques
  • Visual methods
  • Existing data
  • Rubrics
  • Portfolios
  • Tracking student data
  • Observations
  • Interviews/focus groups
  • Document analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Program review

    What’s Included

    For each technique offered inside Advanced Assessment for Student Affairs, you’ll find the following critical information provided:

    • Description of the method
    • How-to tips for creating/designing
    • Campus/departmental resources needed
    • Sample timelines
    • Limitations to consider
    • A case study example for using that method
    • A planning guide
    • Additional resources
    • Considerations when selecting that method

    You’ll also find hands-on worksheets, checklists, case studies, templates and resources to use as you determine the assessment method that will work best for various situations.

    In addition, Advanced Assessment for Student Affairs provides examples of how to take data you’ve collected and effectively share it with various audiences.

    Plus, your purchase also includes a site license to share with your staff and campus community!

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