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Institutions are really grappling with how to manage expectations for everyone surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI). Whether or not to use AI, as well as how to use AI, is a fundamental philosophical question that every institution is facing. Exploring policies and asking how to best integrate new technologies is at the forefront right now, with many possibilities for how AI will affect higher education moving forward. AI is a tool that can be very helpful, but there are significant challenges as well. One challenge is with academic integrity, as students are using AI in unauthorized ways that are difficult to detect and time consuming to track, identify and manage. There are benefits to, in how services are provided to students, teaching and tutoring opportunities, and new ways of learning and accessing information. AI isn’t necessarily going to replace the workforce, but people who work with it and who understand AI will have a distinct advantage in the workforce moving forward. Are you prepared and being proactive?

Prepare Now

Our presenters will discuss ways to embrace AI, highlight training opportunities, and explore the positives and negatives to be aware of surrounding the use of AI. Shift your perspective in thinking about the use of AI for learning, knowing, training and engaging for all students, staff and faculty.

Take Action

Gain crucial, actionable takeaways that will help you:

  • Understand the different ways AI may help or enhance higher education – explore policy and theory, including philosophical concerns, to gain a solid foundation for exploration, implementation and utilization, related to how artificial intelligence augments learning and engagement.
  • Explore creative solutions that involve AI – work potentially smarter, not harder.
  • Discuss emerging trends with AI and how to be on the cutting edge with technology – overcome challenges inherent with AI and with having AI as a part of your campus community, policy and practices.
  • Realize and champion benefits of AI for the entire campus, from academics to student conduct, to campus engagement and even staff performance evaluations.


Ali Martin Scoufield is currently the Assistant Vice President for Campus Engagement and Dean of Students at Cleveland State University (CSU) in Cleveland, Ohio.
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David Haas serves as the Coordinator for Community Standards and Advocacy at Cleveland State University.
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