Assisting At-Risk Students: Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being Strategy Guide

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Create a climate of serving at-risk students and helping them develop their own sense of agency.

Many of our students are at risk and the pandemic only served to exacerbate the breadth and depth of their needs. Their mental and emotional health have taken a dramatic hit. And the drains on their time, well-being and energy can greatly impact whether they persist to graduation.

How can we work effectively with at-risk students to support and retain them? What campus-wide systems can be put in place to ensure their health, success and persistence? What staffing and programmatic structures are most helpful? And how can we help these students help themselves?

The 45-page Assisting At-Risk Students: Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being strategy guide and 90-minute online training provide concrete examples of what’s working in these areas, including…

  • Mental Health Concerns. Instances of depression, anxiety and suicide are seriously on the rise among today’s students. Learn how to best support students as they work toward improved mental health.
  • Emotional Well-Being. The multiple areas at-risk students are experiencing, from burnout to emotional exhaustion, coping and languishing, take a great toll. Help address and raise awareness of these real-life issues.
  • Supporting Student Agency. At-risk students can accept help while also learning to advocate for themselves, discover support services and flex their own sense of agency. Explore ways to help them help themselves and increase student buy-in.
  • Case Management and Staffing Issues. Campuses are getting creative, changing case management approaches, incorporating more peer programs and figuring ways to meet students’ needs beyond solely relying on overworked counseling centers. Discover how!
  • The Retention/Mental Health Connection. Students who are struggling are more at risk of dropping out because they can’t handle how overwhelming life feels. Learn to recognize signs of trouble and implement healthy supports that can help students persist to graduation.
  • Programs and Best Practice Strategies. Find out how other institutions are successfully facing mental and emotional health concerns head-on. There are multiple success stories to explore and, potentially, adapt to your campus.

What’s Included

The 45-page Assisting At-Risk Students: Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being digital strategy guide is filled with real-life examples and best practices you can use to best support students facing mental and emotional health challenges that might knock them off track and prevent them from crossing the graduation finish line.

You'll also receive the on-demand training Anxiety, Coping & Self-Care: Help Students Manage and Overcome Current Mental Health Challenges. This 90-minute online training offers crucial, actionable takeaways for helping students effectively cope, engage in healthy self-care and manage stress/fear. Gain a greater understanding of why today’s students are particularly vulnerable to anxiety, why today’s climate exacerbates these factors, and the type of support you can provide to best mitigate their impact so students can stay on track academically and psychologically.

Plus, your campus license makes it easy to share these resources with your campus community!

Two Resources in One

This Strategy Guide Includes:

  • Assisting At-Risk Students: Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being 45-page digital strategy guide

  • Anxiety, Coping & Self-Care: Help Students Manage and Overcome Current Mental Health Challenges 90-minute on-demand training program

  • License to share and distribute with your campus programmers.

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