Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Teams Binder

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Act Now Ahead of a Campus Crisis Scenario

With the media at a fever pitch, the nation and world hover on edge following mass shootings and terror events. U.S. political candidates drive the media firestorm and raise the ideological temperature, as campuses reel from a recent spate of student demonstrations and protests.

There has never been a more important time to take an all-hazards approach and prepare your institution before an incident escalates on your campus.

Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Teams (BAITs) play a critical role in today’s campus safety environment. To ensure that your BAIT is equipped to operate at full capacity, the Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Teams Binder delivers 100+ pages of strategies for taking action, from identifying threats to intervening prior to these worst-case scenarios, and much more.

Topics Covered

No matter your size or demographics, this 100+ page binder will show you how to set up an effective BAIT, offering strategies and best practices that can be adapted to your institutional needs. In addition, it covers…

  • Why Behavioral Assessment AND Intervention?
  • Mission, Vision and Values — Goals for BAITs
  • Things to Consider When Setting Up Your Team
  • Identifying a “Person of Concern”
  • Choosing Assessment Metrics & Tools
  • Developing Action Plans & Determining Intervention Strategies
  • Assigning Case Managers
  • Documentation
  • Partnering with Financial Aid: Leaves of Absence/Withdrawals
  • Involving Parents
  • Training Faculty/Staff
  • Understanding the Law
  • A New Era for In Loco Parentis
  • Federal Laws Governing Disability Accommodations
  • Working with the Emergency Response Team
  • Table Top Exercises & Scenarios
  • Case Studies: Putting Theory into Practice
  • References

    What’s Included

    The Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Teams Binder also offers hands-on tools to use with your team, such as:        

    • Case studies
    • Complementary protocols
    • Tabletop training scenarios    

    Use this binder and your BAIT will be able to:

    • Identify "persons of concern" who pose a serious risk to themselves or others
    • Work with disgruntled students and student groups ahead of any injurious actions
    • Implement intervention strategies that successfully prevent violent incidents
    • Develop an understanding of the law as it pertains to student interventions
    • Create partnerships with emergency personnel to ensure seamless responses to crisis scenarios
    • Apply lessons learned from case studies and tabletop training to your own campus

    Plus, your purchase includes a site license to share with your staff and campus community – perfect for your remote training initiatives!

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