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Employ Change Management to Navigate and Overcome Challenging Situations

Building and managing resourceful and flexible teams is challenging when change feels constant. From staff resignations, retirements, realignments, and restructuring – higher education has a lot of moving parts, making it difficult to establish expectations and set the right tone. Institutional loyalty can be at risk amidst feelings of being undervalued, under-compensated and overworked.

Our presenter will help you overcome the obstacles and difficult situations that are critical to your work, especially when you feel like it is all too much to handle and everything keeps changing. Explore ways to be resourceful, especially considering that higher education budgets are consistently being decreased and enrollment is trending down.

Motivating your staff to work together is key

Help your staff feel more appreciated, even when being asked to pick up additional duties; meet students’ and other stakeholders’ expectations while protecting your staff’s sanity; and continue to place great value in the work you do.

Topics Covered

Gain crucial, actionable takeaways that will help you:

  • Understand the steps that you can take to promote collaboration and more seamless work connections.
  • Build resiliency by focusing on balance and providing supports for trauma.
  • Learn about micro-assessments as a means of getting meaningful feedback while avoiding stakeholder fatigue.
  • Examine institutional loyalty:  what does it mean and look like in your work and how can you help ensure your staff want to stay?
  • Encourage flexibility so you and your team can work smarter, rather than harder.
  • Explore and prioritize the needs vs. the wants – what must be accomplished, including what really makes the difference and what doesn’t.
  • Re-engage with students by remembering they are the “why” behind the work you do.


Ali Martin Scoufield (she/her) cares about students and prioritizes relationships. With nearly twenty years working and leading in higher education, she has learned the importance of trust building, demonstrating care, and valuing people.
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