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Diversity and social justice training is even more important now than ever. The needs of diverse students have risen to the surface during the COVID-19 crisis, as students contend with issues of hate against Asians and Asian Americans, threats to their well-being, questions regarding college access and much more. Plus, amid recent incidents of protest, brutality, intolerance and division, we need to prepare to respond with knowledge and care. We must engage in honest self-examination and do the work so we can be better.

Continuing to learn and teach about these topics helps make our college and university communities the safe, welcoming environments we strive for. Students are bound to persist at institutions where they feel valued for who they are. And reaching out to students remotely these days requires an understanding of their cultural contexts so we can do so in ways that best meet their needs — and make them want to stay.

The Campus Diversity Training Workshops — 20 in all — will help you create safe, inclusive, welcoming communities, both in-person and online, to recruit and retain students.

    What’s Included

    Three resources in one! Workshops on topics from Inclusion to Microaggressions, and Socioeconomics to Intersectionality are designed to enhance understanding, engage learners and create respectful communities of care. They can be adapted to multiple campus audiences, from support staff to student leaders, graduate assistants to professional staff.

    And because these workshops include engaging elements like case studies, activities, self-work, worksheets and more, they can be used in person and through remote, self-directed learning, depending on your campus environment.

    Plus, as a special bonus, receive the complimentary 90-minute On-Demand Training session: Diversity Education Training Models: Train Your Trainers & Implement a Campus-Wide Program (a $349 value)!

    10 Campus Diversity Training Workshops – Volume 1
    This 155-page resource offers ready-made workshop components that can be adapted to any campus audience — from support staff to first-year students, graduate assistants, office directors, faculty, alumni, student government officers and more — as you work to enhance diversity awareness across your institution. Utilizing the “Training the Trainers” method, the binder will help you easily deliver effective trainings and spread positive lessons throughout your campus.

    10 More Campus Diversity Training Workshops – Volume 2
    This 155-page resource will help ensure your campus is safe and inclusive through expertly designed training workshops. Each cost-effective, easy-to-implement workshop is complete with resources and tools to train your campus communities. Learn to address challenging topics with care while engaging the community in positive dialogue and action.      

    Diversity Education Training Models: Train Your Trainers & Implement a Campus-Wide Program
    This 90-minute, on-demand training session includes discussion questions and other materials, a certificate of completion for each participant and unlimited viewing for your entire team — perfect for remote training. Our expert presenter shares the vision, development and implementation of a cost-effective training program of over 100 facilitators who deliver campus-wide diversity training to all incoming first-year students. You’ll be able to adapt this program to your campus with successful recruitment strategies and a facilitator training curriculum you can implement with your trainers to successfully reach your incoming student class.

    Two Versions to Choose From

    1. Printed with Digital Download – includes a printed copy of each of these two training guides as well as digital access to the enclosed materials and the on-demand training via a password-protected website and accompanying license to share with your campus community.  Price includes $12 shipping fee.

    2. Digital Download Only – includes digital access to all three resources and accompanying license to share with your campus community.

    Upon purchase, the instructions for downloading this resource will be immediately available. For questions, email or call 1-866-295-0505.

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