Campus Police & Mental Health Co-response Collaboration – On-Demand Training

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Initiatives to Address & De-escalate Crisis Situations

Take advantage of the unique position your officers and behavioral health specialists are in to collaboratively provide early identification and intervention and to ensure appropriate response when an incident occurs.

Universities have begun implementing response models that combine the expertise of the officer and a behavioral health specialist to de-escalate situations and help address the growing mental health crisis on campuses. Co-response teams provide the critical on-site collaborative response, assessment, and intervention needed to ensure your students get the support they need and are not a potential safety risk to themselves or the campus community.

Gather your campus police, behavioral health specialists, and critical response team members and join us as our expert presenter shares how she combined her current role as the Assistant Director at the University of Florida’s Police Department and national experience in Psychological First Aid and Crisis Intervention Team Training to create a Co-Response Team Model on her campus and the data collected since its implementation to support the resources allocated to the model. She will address how as our global understanding of mental health, crisis intervention, de-escalation, and trauma reactions grow, campuses and communities must explore ways in which they can better assist community members and law enforcement officers towards the most successful outcomes when responding to a call.

Topics Covered

Gain crucial, actionable takeaways that will help you:

  • Explore the necessary steps needed to establish a co-response team and investigate the specific considerations that should be made to best fit your unique campus needs.
  • Recognize the changing profile of college students and understand the positive impact a co-response team can have to de-escalate a situation before it becomes a full-blown crisis.
  • Adapt what is currently being done on your campus regarding police-mental health collaboration to provide early identification and intervention to students and ensure appropriate response when an incident occurs.
  • Increase understanding of the impact of those who have experienced trauma through an inclusion, diversity, equity, and access lens so you can provide physical, psychological, and emotional safety to a community member in crisis.
  • Acquire the essential resources and best practices to launch a joint police/mental health collaboration based on the most recent data supporting a collaborative approach.


Dr. Meggen Tucker Sixbey is the Assistant Director at the University of Florida’s Police Department, overseeing the Behavioral Services Division which includes mental health support team of clinicians who respond with law enforcement officers to calls that are determined to present as mental health related.
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