Creating a Neurodiverse-Friendly Campus

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Engagement, Support & Inclusion Practices to Help Students Thrive

From 11-30% of today's undergraduate students are neurodiverse with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, dyslexia and other brain differences. They bring with them a wide range of strengths and challenges that require inclusive, caring understanding and support.

It takes awareness, education and intention to create environments where neurodiversity is celebrated, and students thrive. You’ll find the tools you need with our new Creating a Neurodiverse-Friendly Campus guide. This 100-page guide offers training tools and effective strategies to:

  • Create an inclusive, aware and respectful campus culture where neurodiverse students can thrive
  • Engage neurodiverse students in informed ways that respect different methods of thinking, doing and relating – leading to enhanced socialization, academic performance, executive functioning, well-being and retention
  • Honor the strong, positive aspects of neurodiversity and how they enhance our diverse campus culture
  • Get to know who today’s neurodiverse students are and how to work with them most effectively
  • Provide targeted, high-impact support structures, programs, organizations and more
  • Meet ADA compliance requirements with knowledge and care
  • Develop an environment where neurodiverse students feel welcomed and wanted
  • Effect a campus culture change to enhance your genuine reputation as a neurodiverse-friendly, neuro-inclusive institution

Topics Covered

The 100-page Creating a Neurodiverse-Friendly Campus guide covers a variety of relevant topics including:

  • Creating a successful neurodiverse-friendly environment
  • Engaging neurodiverse students – meeting them where they are
  • Improving neurodiverse students’ sense of belonging, well-being and connection
  • Providing transition, executive functioning and social skills support
  • Embracing neurodiversity as part of your institution’s diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging approach
  • Offering coaching, peer mentor and other support programs
  • Creating sensory-friendly campus spaces
  • Setting neurodiverse students up for academic, personal and employment success
  • Addressing stigmas, prejudices and misunderstandings about neurodiversity
  • Supporting individual students’ unique learning and life skills needs
  • Retaining neurodiverse students by creating positive college experiences
  • And more!

    What’s Included

    Within this guide, you’ll receive:

    • Campus Strategies: Real-life campus programs, events, organizations, living environments, academic initiatives and more that engage and support neurodiverse students
    • Ready-Made Training Resources: Handouts, worksheets, glossaries, self-work, discussion prompts and case studies to help raise awareness, understanding, inclusion and support among campus community members
    • Support Infographics: 10 full-color infographics to help educate your campus community about neurodiversity – use them via social media channels for high visibility!

    Plus, your purchase also includes a site license to share with your staff and campus community!

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    2. Digital Download Only – includes digital access to this resource and accompanying license to share with your campus community.

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