Developing GRIT: Resilience, Resourcefulness & Real Life – Brochure for Students

Version: Standard Brochure
Format: Printed Plus Digital License
Printed Copies: 25
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Grit and resilience have been shown to be strong predictors of success, both in school and in life generally.

This 8-page, full-color brochure gives your students skills and tips to help them better handle their challenges and grab their opportunities.

Plus, this brochure can be customized with your school's logo and campus-specific information!

Topics Covered

  • Grit & Resilience Definitions
  • Advantages of Being Gritty
  • Handling Setbacks
  • How-to Strategies
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Characteristics of Resilient People
  • Role Models
  • The Growth Mindset
  • Mental Health
  • Learning to Cope
  • And More!

Post to Your School’s Website with a Digital License

A Digital License allows you to post a digital PDF of the brochure on your school’s website and distribute electronically to members of your campus community. Choose the format that works best for you — printed copies, a digital license, or get both for the best value!

Customize with Your Campus-Specific Information

When you order the customized version of this brochure, we will add your school or department logo to the front cover and your institution’s name and website to the footer throughout. Plus, fully customize the entire back page with your campus-specific information, such as:

  • Contact information for key offices or departments
  • Important policies or mission statements
  • Support services available at your institution
  • On- and off-campus contacts for students or staff in need
  • Your department/institutional webpage and resource links

Instructions for submitting your custom content can be found here. A PaperClip Communications team member will contact you upon purchase to assist you with your custom materials. For questions, email

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