Holidays, Celebrations and Observances on Campus – On-Demand Training

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Ensure Inclusion and Respect

Cultivate an inclusive environment for all members of your campus community.

Holidays and celebrations should be a time of joy, gathering and sometimes an educational opportunity to cultivate an inclusive campus community. Unfortunately, some campus members can experience the opposite as they face cultural appropriation or misappropriation. They are often plagued with questions about their identity, and struggle to feel validated and included during various holidays throughout the year.

Our presenter shares how to recognize and celebrate holidays and observances to ensure inclusion, respect, and dignity honoring the voices and experiences of your community during these times. Equip your staff with the tools they need to build support and create meaningful partnerships for promoting diverse events.

Topics Covered

As a result of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Develop strategies for inclusion around a variety of celebrations, observations, and holidays for your campus – be proactive to avoid microaggressions and macro aggressions that can occur around these observances.
  • Dismantle the fear and anxiety that can often be attributed to holidays and celebrations on campus due to cultural appropriation or misappropriation – ensure these events are meaningful, engaging, developmental and honor the history and reasons behind their importance.
  • Foster meaningful partnerships with faculty, staff, and students to promote events to identify the diverse holidays, observations and celebrations community members at your institution may observe – validate and include those with various cultural, gender, and religious identities and highlight their own voices and lived experiences.
  • Understand the definition and history of different celebrations and observances – enhance the academic and co-curricular experiences of your students to cultivate an open and inclusive campus community.
  • Create innovative ways to highlight a variety of known and lesser-known important dates and observances throughout the year – engage your campus community in a variety of ways that are inclusive, educational, appropriate and uphold the values of your institution.


Ali Martin Scoufield currently serves as the Associate Dean of Students, Community Standards & Advocacy at Cleveland State University.
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