Managing Staff in Today's Higher Ed Workplace – On-Demand Training

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Improve the Way You Supervise, Mentor & Communicate To Maximize Your Team’s Success

In any type of supervisory role, it is critical to understand that YOU are the most influential person in the work lives of those who report to you. Your competence and confidence as a supervisor are critical to your team’s success. With five generations currently in the workforce, it is crucial that supervisors are trained to lead each unique generation so they can unlock the potential in every employee. Increase productivity and workplace satisfaction by leveraging the unique strengths of each generation and enable them to learn from each other to create a more collaborative, engaged, and productive workplace.

Create a solid framework for your – and your staff’s – success through engagement strategies that embrace personal strengths, address challenges, and encourage individual and team leadership development.

Improve the way you supervise, mentor, manage, and communicate to maximize your team’s success and increase the positive impact they have on the greater campus community.

Topics Covered

As a result of attending this online training, you will be able to: 

  • Establish a solid understanding of the unique dynamics in a multigenerational workforce – foster a cohesive workplace by demonstrating care and appreciation for everyone.
  • Develop a personal manager/mentoring approach that reflects your leadership style – improve your competence and confidence levels, promote opportunities for growth, encourage open dialogue and increase your scope of influence.
  • Address conflict and difficult situations – develop the confidence to engage in challenging feedback, foster effective communication skills and ensure workplace cohesion.
  • Embrace the changing role of supervisor/manager and learn how to lead to drive performance, innovation, and teamwork – unlock the potential in every employee to increase productivity and workplace satisfaction.
  • Appreciate the different dynamics that impact your staff and incorporate the appropriate training tactics to meet their needs – ensure to engage, educate, and retain your different working generations so they can work well with you, and also well with one another, with an attitude of respect, inclusivity and flexibility.
  • Identify and solve problems in workplace engagement strategies – empower each employee to demonstrate leadership in their roles and achieve success.


Dr. Staci Phelan currently serves as the Division Administrator for the Division of Management Services in the Department of Health and Welfare for the State of Idaho. Previously she served as the Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management at Idaho State University overseeing Financial Aid, Scholarships, New Student Orientation, the Office of the Registrar, Systems and Data Management, and Admissions and Recruiting.
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Included When You Purchase

  • 90-minute online session with carefully selected expert(s)
  • Unlimited access to view webinar recording on demand
  • Materials for your team (handouts, discussion questions, etc.)
  • Certificate of completion for each participant
  • Weekly newsletter – What's Working on Campus

Instructions for access are available immediately upon checkout. You may share this On-Demand Training with any staff members from your campus community for unlimited viewing. For information about licensing this webinar for unlimited distribution on your institution’s internal network/server, email

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