Improve College Access for Underserved & Minoritized Students & Families – On-Demand Training

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Avoid Accidental Alienation through Mis-messaging and Missed Opportunities

Students don’t always fall through the cracks… sometimes, they are pushed, accidentally, through mis-messaging and missed opportunities. The way we talk to students, especially underserved and minoritized students and families can make or break their postsecondary aspirations and potential. Is your staff intentionally driving interest, or accidentally creating resistance? How can you know for certain that their words are proactively supporting college access in all communities?

Words matter. In the vast majority of recruitment situations, underserved and/or minoritized students will be part of the audience. That said, college access should be at the forefront of all enrollment messaging.

Our expert presenter — Rachel Fried, a Partner with the College Access Strategies/Public School Initiative — offers crucial, actionable takeaways on why effective pipeline development in underserved and minoritized communities requires significant commitment to dynamic relationship-building. Fried discusses how integrating strategic college access messages into regular recruitment as one of the least expensive, most impactful ways to demonstrate commitment to underserved and underrepresented communities.

Even when messaging with good intentions, sometimes recruiters miss the mark. And if they miss the mark, they risk alienating the very students that institutions are trying to recruit. You’ll be able to develop comprehensive strategies, so the entire recruitment team understands how to message effectively to promote college access for all students.

Topics Covered

As a result of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Assess and adjust current recruitment messaging strategies through a college access lens — ensure you are effectively reaching underserved and minoritized student populations and families.
  • Develop institution-specific, access-focused messaging strategies — create action plans to integrate college access messaging across all recruitment efforts.
  • Eliminate recruitment messaging that unintentionally disengages underserved and/or minoritized students — avoid accidentally pushing students through the cracks because of mis-messaging and missed opportunities.
  • Leverage college access messaging for institutional pipeline development in underserved communities — help your entire recruitment team message effectively to promote college access for all.


Rachel Fried is a Partner with College Access Strategies/Public School Initiative. She is a social justice educator whose work has taken her across the nation, from rural Appalachian and Native American communities to urban areas on both coasts.
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