Managing Difficult & Disruptive Classroom Behavior – On-Demand Training

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The Intersection of ADA, Community Standards & Personal Accountability

Sometimes classroom incidents are a result of a disability and can unintentionally be escalated or mishandled due to lack of knowledge. Whether instruction is occurring in person or online students depend on you to manage disruptive behavior in the classroom directly, immediately and effectively before it interferes with their learning – both when it involves students with and without ADA considerations. Equip your faculty with the necessary training and resources they need to navigate difficult and disruptive students successfully.

Use this on-demand training to help your faculty can better manage disruptions immediately and effectively to avoid more egregious behavior from occurring, while taking potential ADA factors into consideration. Train your faculty to de-escalate, rather than unintentionally escalate, with a compassionate mindset.

Topics Covered

As a result of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Train your faculty and staff on how to utilize their syllabus’ as a behavioral contract with their students – embolden staff to use appropriate conflict resolution skills to deescalate a potentially volatile situation to achieve positive learning outcomes before having to refer a student to the conduct office.
  • Create classroom learning expectations that uphold the student conduct code, your mission, and your institutional values – prepare your faculty and staff to address difficult and disruptive students who may have ADA considerations confidently and appropriately so that they can defuse difficult situations.
  • Empower faculty and staff and equip them with the necessary training and resources they need to navigate complex behavioral situations successfully – prevent problems before they occur, deescalate conflict and turn a potentially negative experience into a positive one.
  • Develop reporting protocols, policies and strategies that allow faculty and staff to feel confident and secure in their response to classroom disruption – whether instruction is occurring in person, hybrid, remote, or asynchronous – students depend on you to manage disruptive behavior in the classroom directly – uphold community standards, prevent further disruption, and allow students to be academically successful.
  • Foster a healthy and safe learning environment that will benefit all students – resolve conflict immediately to prevent it from getting completely out of hand and negatively impacting your academic community.


Ali Martin Scoufield is currently the Assistant Vice President for Campus Engagement and Dean of Students at Cleveland State University (CSU) in Cleveland, Ohio.
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