Marginalized Students and First Year Completion – On-Demand Training

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Streamline Their Transitions for Success

Institutions need to stop asking if students are college ready, and instead ask, “Are we ready for students?” — especially marginalized students. Committing to support marginalized students begins with allocating resources to match their specific needs — and focusing on everything they experience in completing their first year is critical. There is no quick fix — transition experiences and intersectional identities must be considered in developing orientation, mentorship, and engagement opportunities.

Our presenter shares how to ensure success for marginalized students including how to:

  • Navigate their transition to campus
  • Provide opportunities for learning and connection with essential campus resources
  • Ensure they develop intentional relationships with others for their personal and professional development
  • Cultivate a stronger sense of community and belonging.

She provides a framework/foundation through transition and student development theories and intersectionality as lenses through which to understand and better serve your marginalized students.

Create programs that focus on strengths versus deficits to guide and appropriately redirect campus resources to support marginalized students from orientation throughout their first year at your institution. Ensure your students are engaged, supported, and walk across the commencement stage!

Topics Covered

As a result of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Develop an asset-based, intentional, and holistic approach that helps prevent a gap in first-year student support for marginalized students – build “check points” to increase student retention, academic success, student engagement and graduation rates across diverse student populations.
  • Consider the impact of transition experiences and intersectionality to frame and inform your support programs – meet the needs of this diverse student population and empower them in a sustainable way.
  • Design programs and interventions that increase institutional commitment and cross-division partnerships for this unique group of students create a competent and responsive community that ensures marginalized students feel valued and a sense of belonging and support.
  • Facilitate critical conversations with key stakeholders on your campus to allocate human and fiscal resources available to assist marginalized students think creatively to utilize resources you have to provide tailored services to support their academic, emotional and social well-being.


Mayra Garces (she/her/ella) is currently an Assistant Director in Student Enrichment Services at Northwestern University.
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