Mental & Emotional Well-Being – Brochure for Students

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More than ever before, students are struggling with their own mental and emotional health issues — or trying to help those they care about. To be successful, students need supportive tools within the context of a healthy, safe academic environment.

Now there's a resource to help you reach out directly to students. Mental & Emotional Well-Being is an easy-to-use brochure that can spark discussion and awareness — on students' terms.

Created by student affairs professionals, this 8-page, full-color brochure allows you to address one of the most complicated campus issues: how to connect with students on the sensitive, crucial topic of mental health.

This brochure will help you:

  • Raise Awareness: When people better understand mental and emotional health topics, the whole community benefits. This resource identifies the issues, raises awareness and enhances understanding. As a result, mental health becomes less frightening and more manageable.
  • Encourage Self-Identification: Sometimes students need to do things on their own time, through introspection and information gathering. This brochure encourages them to self-identify emotions, issues and trigger points — and to seek assistance in doing so.
  • Enhance Other-Awareness: Without causing undue concern, this resource helps students recognize what others may be going through. By reading about the signs and symptoms of various mental and emotional health concerns, they can better help friends who may be struggling. And we show them how to do this in ways that are healthy and appropriate for all involved.
  • Destigmatize the Issue: This brochure brings these sensitive issues out in the open to encourage discussion and to stress how seeking help is a smart, strong thing to do. By decreasing stigmas, you can increase the number of students getting much-needed help.

Plus, this brochure can be customized with your school's logo and campus-specific information!

Topics Covered

  • Understanding mental and emotional health
  • We are all dealing with something
  • Behavioral warning signs
  • Life events that impact our well-being, from body image to family issues — and more
  • Self-harming behaviors, including substance abuse and self-harm
  • Recognizing depression, mania & other depressive disorders
  • Understanding anxiety disorders
  • Symptoms of panic attacks
  • The impact of social anxiety
  • Suicide warning signs — and what to do
  • Considering red flags
  • How to help a friend
  • Letting others help you
  • Where to go for help
  • Campus, community and national resources
  • An emphasis on seeking help as a sign of strength
  • Lessening the mental health stigma
  • How to start conversations with a counselor

Post to Your School’s Website with a Digital License

A Digital License allows you to post a digital PDF of the brochure on your school’s website and distribute electronically to members of your campus community. Choose the format that works best for you — printed copies, a digital license, or get both for the best value!

Customize with Your Campus-Specific Information

When you order the customized version of this brochure, we will add your school or department logo to the front cover and your institution’s name and website to the footer throughout. Plus, fully customize the entire back page with your campus-specific information, such as:

  • Contact information for key offices or departments
  • Important policies or mission statements
  • Support services available at your institution
  • On- and off-campus contacts for students or staff in need
  • Your department/institutional webpage and resource links

Instructions for submitting your custom content can be found here. A PaperClip Communications team member will contact you upon purchase to assist you with your custom materials. For questions, email

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