Neurodiversity in the Classroom – On-Demand Training

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Explore Case Studies to Best Support Students’ Learning & Engagement

While many institutions have structures and strategies in place to ensure students with disabilities receive appropriate and effective accommodations, there are practices that extend beyond accommodations which will support neurodivergent students in the classroom. These practices not only foster a more inclusive environment, but also remove other barriers that neurodivergent students might experience. Many faculty may wish to implement suggested practices, but feel unsure of how to best do so. Similarly, students may have ideas for support, but may not feel comfortable requesting them from faculty or may not know how best to make such a request.

Our expert presenter – Christina Kline, the Executive Director for the Disability Management System Office at Duke University – utilizes case studies to illustrate various approaches, suggested practices and legal requirements related to best support neurodivergent students in the classroom.

Explore how to best create buy-in for incorporating these practices in the classroom, including sharing information with faculty, creating partnerships across the institution, and remaining informed about new and emerging practices.

Topics Covered

Gain crucial, actionable takeaways that will help you: 

  • Provide training to faculty on suggested practices for neurodiversity inclusion and support so you can ensure students feel supported and are successful.
  • Develop and disseminate tip sheets and resources for faculty and other academic program staff so that they can easily incorporate suggested practices and navigate conversations with neurodivergent students making accommodation requests.
  • Strengthen partnerships between academic programs, the disability community and disability services offices.
  • Create communities or groups which focus on changing trends and practices to support neurodivergent students to help provide feedback and guidance on any institutional programs or services.


Christina Kline serves as the Executive Director for the Disability Management System (DMS) Office. DMS is responsible for ensuring that Duke University (including the health system and other affiliated entities) meets its responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act and similar laws. DMS also provides guidance and assistance regarding the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.
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