Online & Distance Education Key Regulatory Updates – On-Demand Training

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Navigate New Regulations to Avoid Confusion and Mitigate Campus Impact

The U.S. Department of Education has issued new regulations on gainful employment and financial value transparency, leaving many confused and worried about the impact they will have on institutions online and distance learning programs.

Is your institution prepared to adjust to these new regulations and adapt current practices to avoid non-compliance?

Gather your faculty, staff, and administrators involved in online and distance education! Our expert presenter highlights how these regulatory changes are most impactful to institutions offering online programs and the increased risk and associated administrative burden involved when offering programs to students located in other states. She clarifies “online education” – the technology used, the modality, the level of interaction between student and instructor and the established DOE set of definitions and associated terms.

Increase your institution’s awareness of the recent federal policy changes, gain a greater understanding of the complicated regulatory framework that applies to online and distance learning, and prepare for the impact to your programs to avoid uncertainty and compliance missteps.

Topics Covered

You will gain crucial and actionable takeaways that will help you:

  • Understand how to apply regulations relating to distance education and professional licensure programs.
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders who have a compliance role to establish policies and regulations to avoid confusion and compliance missteps.
  • Comprehend the new DOE regulations on gainful employment and financial value transparency and the impact they have on your institution and program offerings.
  • Consider regulation affects to get ahead of the data reporting curve and remain compliant.
  • Clarify “online education” and the established set of definitions and associated terms to eliminate confusion, frustration and avoid costly mistakes.


Erika G. Swain is currently serving as the Assistant Director for Compliance and Authorization at the University of Colorado Boulder.
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