Racial Climate & Diversity on Campus: Programming & Awareness Guide

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Create a More Inclusive Campus Environment, Engage Students and Reduce Bias

Make your institution an environment where all members feel safe and included — regardless of race, gender, ability, age, sexual orientation, belief or cultural background.

The 125+ page Racial Climate & Diversity on Campus: Programming & Awareness Guide will help you:

  • Create a progressive, more respectful campus environment
  • Raise diversity awareness and understanding throughout your entire campus population
  • Promote positive, productive discussions and actions

Your campus will be more welcoming and respectful as your students, faculty and staff develop awareness and understanding through the guide’s 50 awareness-raising programs and activities. These include:

  • Self-work
  • Reflection
  • Taking action 

  • Respectful discussions
  • Campus initiatives

This comprehensive guide will help create a safer and more inclusive campus! You’ll promote meaningful, engaging dialogue with the interactive materials. The display resources will ensure the message is being spread throughout the campus. Social media prompts continue the conversation with campus community members wherever they are.

The Racial Climate & Diversity on Campus is the ideal resource for:

  • Student Affairs personnel
  • Diversity/Multicultural initiatives
  • Student Activities staff
  • Residence Life personnel
  • Orientation staff
  • And many more!

Topics Covered

Make your students, faculty and staff feel respected and welcome! The 125+ page Racial Climate & Diversity on Campus Guide covers each of these critical topics:

  • Diversity
  • Race dynamics
  • Social justice
  • Cultural competence
  • Microaggressions
  • Cultural appropriation
  • Self-work
  • Respect
  • Other-esteem
  • Implicit bias
  • Inclusion
  • Privilege
  • Getting your point across respectfully
  • Bystander intervention
  • Ally action and interaction
  • Free speech
  • Statements of respect
  • Impact vs. intent
  • And much more!

    What’s Included

    You want a campus culture that is positive and open-minded, where all students, staff and faculty are respected for their individual identities. This atmosphere won’t come about on its own — it needs to be developed and nurtured.

    With Racial Climate & Diversity on Campus, you’ll have the tools to create and foster a positive and inclusive campus culture.

    The easy-to-implement kit is complete with 50 awareness-raising programs and activities, including:        

    • Engaging, interactive materials, including case studies, handouts and worksheets
    • On-campus resources, including infographic posters and ready-made bulletin board kit
    • Social media prompts for connecting with your entire campus

    When you order the Racial Climate & Diversity on Campus: Programming & Awareness Guide, you’ll receive all the resources you need to make your campus members feel safe and inclusive!

    Plus, your purchase includes a site license to share with your staff and campus community – perfect for your remote training initiatives!

    Two Versions to Choose From

    1. Printed with Digital Download – includes a printed copy of this resource as well as digital access to the enclosed materials and accompanying license to share with your campus community. Price includes $9 shipping fee.

    2. Digital Download Only – includes digital access to this resource and accompanying license to share with your campus community.

    Upon purchase, the instructions for downloading this resource will be immediately available. For questions, email info@paper-clip.com.

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